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Technology, Encryption Are Shaping Our World .


the technology fight is really a fight for liberty now technology’s changing fast and it’s changing our lives more than most people realize.And like all things there’s good and there are bad aspects but most people don’t understand.There’s a technological battleground that’s happening right now and how this battle over technology ends could be the difference between life freedom and liberty or total oppression and enslavement.

In order to see the problem first we have to understand what that problem is now first we have to understand that as humans at least i believe that we were born with god-given rights all right we were born with them and the government is ever you know the everly increasing size of the government are trying to take those rights away the natural-born rights.In the united states we have a constitution it’s a constitution of the united states like most governments have a constitution which is the rules and regulations they’re supposed to work under ,and in the united states the constitution was written in a specific way that doesn’t give us rights but rather it restricts the government’s power to take those rights away and that’s a big distinction.

It’s not about getting the rights the government does not give us rights the government is restrained from taking them away now one of those rights is specifically written into the constitution as a matter of fact we’ll get to what number that is.

But first we have to understand the battle that’s happening with with a few of these and if we go back just uh back into the 90s we saw that there was a investigation by the federal government and they launched this investigation into a guy named phil zimmerman and they wanted to go after phil zimmerman because of a piece of computer code that he had written .

This piece of computer code wasn’t just ordinary code as a matter of fact it was a it was computer code for encryption technology that can secure data so it could be transferred back and forth and hackers can’t get in and get it the encryption data. At that time when he was writing this encryption code this encryption data the government like i said came after him basically on the grounds that he was exporting munitions so the us government said that encryption can only be used by the military. And no private people can do that and you can’t export it and of course you upload computer code and it goes all over the world so he was exporting munition. they said he was harming national security of course because you know the military uses encryption and so they said he was harming national security by doing that but what’s interesting is that in response to this zimmerman had to go to court.

And what he did is he printed out all of the code and when he printed out the code he put it all together in a big old book and he took it with him to court and he put the book down right the paper and he argued that the first amendment in the constitution the very first one the first amendment guarantees or gives him the right to free speech and as he printed out the code you could see that it was speech it was letters it was numbers it was speech now what happened next is that eventually the feds had to back down the appellate courts agreed they supported his claims they said clearly we can tell that speech and it’s guaranteed under the first amendment you have the right to free speech so the takeaway after that 1990s case against zimmerman is that the appellate courts decided that encryption technology cannot be outlawed it’s protected.

It’s protected by the first amendment the first amendment which is free speech however today they’re both coming under attack again both free speech of course is being attacked everywhere and we have encryption being attacked as well now since the united states was founded like i said the forefathers wrote this constitution and they gave us this constitution like i said to limit the powers of the government because they had just come from a previous government that had massive tyranny and oppression and so they were trying to escape the oppression and they came and they created a new country and so as they wrote the constitution they were all pretty smart and they figured out a way to have different different parts of the government so they would not be able to consolidate the power and again like i said that constitution was specifically limiting the power so they wouldn’t let the same thing happen again which was the tyranny and impression that they came from.

now like i said inside the constitution there’s several amendments and each one of them guarantees us certain rights guarantees that the government can’t take them away it doesn’t doesn’t give them to us guarantees it can’t be taken away right and basically what these rights are like i said we have the first amendment which is the freedom of speech.The first amendment what it actually says is that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise .

So that’s the right to free speech it’s right to assemble and things like that the freedom of press etc and so that was the first one.I guess the most important one so i think that the the first amendment in the u.s constitution protects against laws prohibiting the freedom of religion speech and the press right so it doesn’t give us the right it prohibits the restriction of those right so that’s a different that’s an important piece to understand now the reason why that’s so important is because people say mean things people say hateful things but words are just words. we need you know we used to be a little bit tougher we had a little bit thicker skin and we could deal with those words but the reason why it’s important is because we need to have free and open discussion through free and open discussion we find truth .

Think that free speech should be restricted because people are gonna say mean things well the thing is when people are free to say those things then everybody knows in society knows who those bad people are and we know who’s saying those hateful things and they can be called out for and they can be put on that right people are afraid of free speech because of disinformation that gets spread around but that’s exactly why we need the free speech we need to have discussion because through discussion we’re going to be able to find the truth. I know sometimes i might see something on twitter or somewhere that i or maybe i’ll read an article and i’ll i’ll read it and i’m like wow that’s so compelling that’s right that’s right right there and then i’ll look through the comments and i’ll look at people’s objections to that.

That’s not right these are really good objections right or sometimes i might think i have something right and through some of my friends or neighbors might have opposing viewpoints and sometimes we’ll get into some discussions i won’t say heated but through those discussions i’ll either sharpen my arguments or i’ll be able to see that the other side could be right and i might be wrong so discussion is so important that’s why we need the freedom of speech now of course after the first amendment comes the second amendment .Now the second amendment do you know what it is it’s the right to bear arms now if you’re not in the united states this might seem a little bit weird to you. But in the united states again the constitution is designed not to give us rights to but to prevent the government from taking our rights away and so that’s why the second amendment is important now it says it’s a a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed meaning the government again has limited power they cannot move in and take that away it can’t be infringed it can’t even be moved on all right that’s why the second amendment is there now of course that is coming under attack.

Like all of our freedoms that we have and that’s coming under attack and of course most of the world that’s already been taken away but what they’re doing in order to attack this is they’re trying to change the narrative and so with the second amendment it’s to protect ourselves to keep a free state right a free state to protect ourselves from the government’s encroachment on our freedoms. and they’ve tried to change the narrative to where it’s really they want to say it’s about self-defense and so i have the right to a second man because i have the right to defend myself and then but that’s that’s an argument they can easily win they can say oh well you don’t need to defend yourself we have the police or if nobody has um weapons then you don’t need to defend yourself against them right so they can easily win that but that’s not really why it’s there it’s to defend ourselves against the tyranny.

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