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The Gerson Therapy and it’s benfits.


The history of the Gerson Therapy is fascinating. It all started with Max Gerson, MD, back in the 1910s, when he was still a relatively new doctor.

As a young man, Gerson suffered from terrible migraines. Often, thepain was so intense, he couldn’t meet with patients. He spent hours vomiting and had to lie down in a dark room. It was debilitating. He was desperate to find a cure.One day, Gerson found some literature that suggested that changing your diet could reduce pain and improve your health. He didn’tknow anything about this, because he never studied nutrition inmedical school. He’d been taught how to diagnose diseases, how to disinfect a wound, how to set a broken bone, how to perform a surgery. But using food as a form of healing medicine? That was never covered in med school.Being a researcher and a scientist, Gerson felt curious about this paper he’d read. Could it be true? He figured it couldn’t hurt to try and see.Using his body as a living laboratory, he did a series of experiments.He began by eating large quantities of different types of foods to seeif they would trigger a migraine or not. He did this with all types of food: high doses of meat, of salt, of vegetables, and so on. He experimented with processed and unprocessed foods.He quickly realized that eating plant-based foods ideally, fruits and vegetables straight from the garden eliminated his migraines entirely. Other foods? Not so much. For example, he could eat baskets of apples and never trigger a migraine but if he ate a bigportion of food that was canned and preserved in salt, or large portions of meat, it would trigger a migraine.This is how Gerson began to define what he called “desirable foods” and “non-desirable foods.” He devoted the rest of his life to studying the connection between food and disease.Over the years,

Gerson performed autopsies to examine the bodies of people who’d died from many chronic diseases, including cancer.Through these autopsies, he noticed two factors: a buildup of toxicity, and nutritional deficiency.He began to wonder, “What if we could fix these two issues remove toxicity and replenish nutrient deficiencies using food as a
form of medicine?”He began a series of experiments, flooding patients’ bodies with nutrient-dense food and juices. The results were remarkable.Tumors shrank. Women who struggled with infertility were able to get pregnant. Terminally ill cancer patients recovered and lived an additional twenty, thirty, even forty years. This research became the foundation of what’s now called the Gerson Therapy.

One of the foremost renowned Gerson experiments was conducted by Gerson and his colleague, Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch. Together, they ran a test on infectious disease, which, at the time, was thought-about AN incurable sickness.Dr. Sauerbruch describes this renowned test in nice detail inhis biography, “Das War Mein Leben”. He gave Dr. GHB Gersona infectious disease ward with 450 end-stage TB patients and told him that if he might cure even only 1 patient, he would believe everything that Gerson claimed regarding this plant-strong medical care. once many weeks, results weren’t noticeable and thus Sauerbruch wrote Gerson to cancel the experiment, that was deemed a complete failure.However, once posting the letter, Sauerbruch discovered that one ofhis nurses was concealed AN assembly of the processed and refined treats to the patients once Sauerbruch wasn’t gift.Sauerbruch later unemployed the nurse and assigned guards on the doorsof the ward, and saw thereto that the patients got the complete GersonTherapy. The trial continuing and of the 450 patients with infectious disease, 446 or ninety nine of the “incurable” cases were cured in thefirst test of Gerson’s medical care.

If that sneaky nurse had not been caught, the trial would have stopped and these results would ne’er are realised.Sadly, I will relate to the current story. I’ve met individuals recently diagnosed with cancer or another serious sickness, and had them tellme in Gregorian calendar month, “I’m sick, therefore i need to possess a fun summer and extremely enjoy myself. i need to measure life to the fullest and have all my favorite things.” They pay the summer uptake cheeseburgers, fries, andmilkshakes, drinking brewage, and having a giant cut each different night,and then by Sep…they were dead.I can’t facilitate however marvel, “Could we’ve got reversed their sickness ifthey’d been willing to form some changes?” It’s not possible to understand sure as shooting, however the solution is, “Potentially, yes.” And currently we’llnever understand, as a result of they’re gone. It breaks my heart.This is why i’m unrelentingly smitten by serving to individuals upgrade their uptake habits because, typically times, it will mean the distinction between life and death.I would like a lot of individuals would opt for real food—clean, organic, plant-based food but after all, I can’t force anybody to try to to this. we have a tendency to all have to form this alternative one by one. you’ll value more highly to giveyourself the simplest potential fuel, or, like those nurses World Health Organization worked forDr. Gerson, you’ll decide that it’s a lot of “fun” to eat garbage and hurt your body.

Personally, that doesn’t sound like “fun” to ME,but, ultimately, the selection is yours.And I’ve been wherever you’re nowadays, curious if the trouble to cleanup my diet or the pain of belongings go of these habit-forming foods was worthwhile. Years ago, whereas building my businesses, I burned myselfout. i used to be uptake out a day, and, although i used to be selecting the healthiest feeder choices that cafes and restaurants offered at that point, the foods i used to be intense were still not organic theywere filled with cell-damaging glyphosate and overladen with refined flours, sugar, salt, and oils. i used to be intense cell-damaging mealsand was at the same time extremely stressed, bound, and not sleeping: an ideal formula for a health disaster.My science lab results established it.

What prompted ME to go to the doctors and begin aggregation my baseline health knowledge was that my joints ached worse than those of a ninety-year-old with period of time inflammatory disease,my heart was experiencing palpitations and misfires, my skin was therefore sensitive and painful that I couldn’t even relish a light-touchmassage, I suffered from sleep disorder, I had no sexual desire, my teeth hurt,my brain felt am fond of it was in an exceedingly constant fog, and that i couldn’t concentrate or complete a task. My body was experiencing severe inflammation,and my blood work showed this to be true. My ESR and CRP levelswere through the roof. My doctor, a extremely smart integrated-health-care medical doctor, a captivated mother of 2, and somebody World Health Organization knew regarding my feverish manner, place my file down, placed her hands on my shoulders, looked ME severely within the eyes and told ME point-blank, “If you don’t begin active what you preach, you’re attending to have a attack in but 5 years.” .

My poor science lab results, let alone my severe symptoms, served because the reality make sure I required. As a mother of 3 lovely ladies, I knew that I might not play the martyr. Ineeded to heal myself currently or suffer the implications later, that wasn’t AN possibility. So, I known as everybody I knew, my staff, my husband, my family and friends, and that i told them that i’d be out of commission for succeeding month, or till I recovered myself.I started the Gerson medical care that day, and inside 3 days, my skin pain was gone. My teeth not hurt. inside 5 days, my joints not ached. I can’t recall however long it took for my heart palpitations to prevent, however it had been positively but period, ast hat’s after I had my next set of science lab work completed and my inflammatory markers were back to traditional.

Yes it took but 2 weeks! I had lived with these symptoms for nearly 2 years. By the top of the month, all my symptoms had disappeared. i used to be pooping sort of a queen and sleeping sort of a baby. Libido? Yes, ma’am! This wasn’t stunning to ME, as I’ve had thousands of purchasers overthe last decade World Health Organization all had similar healing stories, despite what their designation or sickness was.

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